We propose consulting services under StormEdge Consulting. StormEdge (Strategic, Technical, Operational, Regulatory and Marketing Edge) , founded in 2009, is the joint venture of 2 Commercial experts with different backgrounds, supported by a solid team, striving to provide integrated Marketing solutions for businesses thru collective genius.

StormEdge differs by offering systemic thinking to its clients – starting from thought leadership to campaign implementation – rendered possible by the complementarities of the talents that constitute the team. Though ICT remains the domain of predilection of StormEdge, the team also carries substantial FMCG experience in multinationals and Strategic Marketing areas.

The two partner consultants have cumulated huge work experience in the ICT sector (24 yrs), strategic management for international FMCG brands (26 yrs) and on project management (34 yrs) in their past careers as expressed by their Profile.

These accumulated experience in Business Strategy, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Research Insights and Knowledge, Advertising and Communication, Route to Market and Operations, Regulatory, Project Appraisals and ICT are leveraged to propose to our clients the best solutions. In case of digital solutions, we also implement these solutions.